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California • Nevada • United States



Scooty, named the Happiest Dog on the Planet came from a not so happy beginning. in 2012 Scooty had been a stray in Mexico when she was hit by a car at the age of about 6 months old and left for dead. She survived to drag her back body around the streets until a good samaritan contacted the local rescue, rather than the local shelter who no doubtingly would have "put her out of her misery" . She was found by Baja Dog Rescue in rough shape with distemper, broken back in 2-3 places, crushed hips, broken ribs, broken tail, open wounds down to her bones, badly infected and some of her wounds filled with maggots. 

I saw pictures of the beautiful, big doe eyed, broken puppy and knew I needed her. It wasn't easy at first, there were a lot of ups and downs and medical expenses. We rehabilitated her with acupuncture, laser therapy, hydrotherapy, lots of love, patience and humor. 

Fast forward to 2017 and Scooty has won the hearts of thousands of people on Instagram with her award winning smile and love for life. She exudes happiness in everything she does and is a joy to be around and watch. People from all around the world have enjoyed following her progress and all her adventures and we love hearing how Scooty has inspired them or has simply made them smile on a tough day

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